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If you do a search for penis enlargement products on the web, you will find yourself inundated with a ridiculous amount of items promise to make a man larger. However, the only real proven way to make a guy’s penis larger is through surgery, usually in the form of implants which have their own array of problems. Nonetheless, medicinal and herbal products that make a man harder than he normally is can offer up the benefits of having a larger penis without having to actually go through that painful surgery.

Moreover, do not even think about using some kind of pump, there are reports all over the place of these things tearing flesh, popping veins and effectively “breaking” penises – those things are just bad news and everyone should steer clear of them

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    Can an orgasm last all day?

    With an open mind and lots of practice, you can clock a 24-hour sexual high

    Sperm + (Heart)x2 = Father

    “Doc, should I bank my sperm to protect my heirs from going mad?” Wow, now that’s a question. He was wondering how he should handle the now credible link between older dads and their kids having higher rates of autism, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Although small, the increase in these conditions in offspring of older dads is significant, and guys without rug rats are now, officially, worried about them. Take … Continued

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